CAPULIN’S Guarantee of Satisfaction
While it is rare that we have a dissatisfied customer, we offer to all, this statement to insure your understanding of our refund policy.
Coffee quality is directly related to freshness. CAPULIN Guarantees its coffee to be freshly roasted and delicious!
Any CAPULIN Coffee found to be of dissatisfactory condition, or quality by one of our clients, will receive a full reimbursement as soon as CAPULIN is notified of customer dissatisfaction and the unused coffee is returned to
CAPULIN International
PO BOX 77634 Tucson AZ.
The only condition is for the protection of quality. Returned Coffee shall be postmarked no later than 4 working days after its original delivery date which will enable us to place the coffee with a charitable organization in a reasonably fresh condition. It’s that simple!