The CAPULIN EFFORT is a gentle, peaceful means to direct the cash flow of the Mega-Corporate World's Second Largest Money Maker, to help feed people throughout the coffee growing regions of the world.

The income from their hand crafted coffee helps them protect their forests (a planetary benefit), it protects their streams and the wild life and it produces really nice 'natural' coffee.

The CAPULIN EFFORT provides a means whereby we will be able to withdraw support of the exploitation going on within the largest agricultural industry in the world, feed some folks, help restore the environment, and drink a healthier, natural cup of coffee.

You can make a 'REAL DIFFERNCE' while still enjoying a wonderful and delicious cup of good,old-fashioned coffee, a win/win for everyone.

CAPULIN believes 'Natural' coffee can return the work rights and benefits of gainful employment to the people whom have suffered most because of the miss conceptions surrounding the water-processing of coffee and the un-noticed but connected poverty which results.

We the consumers can: protect the forest, the streams, the birds and the babies, with just a little bit of enlightenment!

Accepting that, the 'good deal', the 'cheap', and the 'most we can get for our money’ have been the criteria we are taught, CAPULIN believes that to have a peaceful world, it is absolutely necessary that we begin to recognize that there are those things which are not taught, yet must be learned. From inside.

The propaganda and distraction away from the accompanying cost of human misery and environmental destruction associated with the commonly accepted processing method, makes one accept that these costs are not 'real' and they're not really there.

But they are there and they're all too frequently encountered behind the 'cheap' price tags, must be recognized by ‘YOU’, the Conscious Consumers, because the Unconscious Consumers do not recognize and they never will until 'YOU DO'!

The Coffee Industry will follow the Market. ...YOU ARE THE MARKET!

Today’s modern, cost effective processing in water, while providing a lower price tag, has little understood issues of environmental destruction and social deprivation as a result and are not well addressed by the Multi-National Corporate Endeavor!

The traditional hand processed method of production, is high cost and labor intensive, however, it does provide a healthy, Natural Coffee, and offers the consumer a far superior cup of good tasting, non-irritating, socially appropriate coffee as its by product.

We are frequently asked; "WHY DOES CAPULIN COST MORE"?

OK, CAPULIN costs more, quite simply because it costs more to produce a quality product which is a healthful benefit for the Consumer, the Planet and everyone involved!

A few of the official CAPULIN responses are:
Because it costs more to employ the people to hand process coffee, which provides desperately needed employment, instead of water processing which removes labor from the villages, creating deprivation and environmental destruction and a dramatically lesser quality coffee when the sugars are fermented away for ease of processing.

Because it costs more to protect the environment than it does to pollute the waters for miles below the processing plants, destroying the river habitats with 'corporate technology', just so you can be provided with a 'cheap' price tag for your cup of coffee.

Because it costs more to pay people enough to help them feed themselves and retain their lands rather than adding to the plight of the peasants who are being forced to cut their trees in order to provide food for their families, consuming the world's tropical forests in an effort to survive or face the journey to 'El Norte' and become illegal aliens in a desperate attempt to send money home to keep their families alive in the villages.

CAPULIN asks that you look behind that 'cheap' price tag!

Yes, it does cost more to drink a truly 'Socially Appropriate' coffee. The rewards, however, far exceed expectation. A smooth, low acid ‘Natural’ is sweeter and more stimulating than washed coffees just as ‘Natural’ Specie Fruits taste better than the corporate hybrid counterparts, and in fact, costs less than ten cents a cup more!

Here's an imperative view!
Our consumption of the natural specie fruits and coffees help preserve the jungle forest’s environment, feeds people, protects the rapidly diminishing jungle bird habitats and provide a means to stop filling the coffers of the Multi-National corporations, now in control of these industries, in favor of more socially responsible endeavors.

Don’t be beguiled!
This reference includes the ‘would do good‘, 'New Age’ type Companies and their ‘Madison Avenue catch words’, 'Certified', 'Fair', 'Equal', 'Happy', 'Thankful', 'Kid and Bird'. Friendly Coffees who seek their place in the competitive market with their Multi-National counter parts, all clutching for the same ‘consumer’ dollar, and most all utilize the very same disruptive, water-processed methods of production in order to compete with the master dollar grabbers. 'Caveat Emptor'!

World Peace lies in the consumer's hands!
Ultimately, The Consumer has the power to dictate which products survive and which must perish. CAPULIN believes this creates a 'consumer responsibility' to participate in peaceful change!

Real, True Green!

The only way to accomplish a Peaceful Custodial of the Planet is based on a solid economic climate, which requires that the consumer is educated, attentive, and prepared to pay the 'real price' of the product, or do without !

Conversely, the corporate scheme depends on the consumer’s lack of education of these vitally important differences, a 'cheap' price tag and indifferent consumerism! Once again, 'Caveat Emptor'!

Knowledge of what is taking place as a by-product of ‘cheaper’, water-processed coffee and hybrid fruits could be the catalyst for a Renaissance, a peaceful evolution within our lifetime. The Earth, her forests, the forest dwellers, the birds and the animals, both four legged and two legged, desperately need their plight exposed.

The coffee industry’, through a return to hand processed, natural coffee, could be a strong enough economic cash flow to stabilize a paradigm shift and return to the indigenous role of care taking the Mother Earth again in the up and coming economic shift.

This needed ’REBIRTH’, will only occur when the buying public understands exactly what the effects of the commercial coffee
process has on the quality of their coffee, the impoverished people who toil to produce it, the survival of the jungle flora and fauna, and how those microcosms interact within their own macrocosm.

This depends on YOU and your COMPREHENSION!

The CAPULIN EFFORT hopes to draw the consumer's attention to present a view as to the relationship between environmental and social destruction and and a commonly accepted method of processing. Only through consumer knowledge will folks avoid purchasing coffee which was not dry processed 'Naturally' and stop the 'OK' for production standards which do not protect the people, the product and the planet.

The taste superiority and natural stimulation, provided by handcrafted CAPULIN coffee,is sufficient reason to make a change in your buying preferences. Combine it with the facts surrounding the coffee industry and you too can do a little to improve the world while you sip your cup.

Sound simple? It is!

Just remember it when you reach for that convenient pound produced by an unconcerned, water processor!

Please: Do not continue to support the corporate exploitation of the people and the environment by drinking, their coffee, voting for their methods of production or financing their purchases and leases of traditional heritage lands. Reject the water-bath coffee industry’s offerings! Buy healthy, natural coffee, anybody's, but don’t vote for them with your dollars! Either that, or stop saying that you care about the plight of the planet yet continue to purchase another pound of corporate water-processed coffee!

There are no good guys or bad guys in this, there are but the conscious and the un-concerned.

View other pages, located at: Http:// for a more complete expose' into this disastrous social exploitation and the third world land grab that drinking water-processed coffees contribute to.

Inform yourselves and drink CAPULIN coffee!

To make it quicker and easier to join us….CAPULIN INTERNATIONAL will include the price of shipping within the continental USA, at one not so low price of $18.95 per pound, delivered to any U.S. door, including all applicable taxes, and handling fees.