CAPULIN'S Mission Statement

CAPULIN'S mission has always been to disseminate information to the caring citizens of our planet about 'Natural' coffee processing's advantages: for their health, the health and survival of the indigenous people, the forests and all the species of bird and wildlife living there in.

Recognizing that a return to 'Natural' coffee is what needs to occur in order to manifest a paradigm shift, peacefully, and redirect the second largest cash flow back into the hands of the people and the planet.

A mission to provide the finest quality coffee, using the most socially equitable techniques in handling and in the most environmentally responsible manner, while providing the best service which we can possibly offer to the consumers.

CAPULIN is a medicine, a medicine of love. People have hopes and prayers with it, yes, sometimes tokes too.

It has been prepared by hand with care for quality, so sip it slowly, and enjoy each mouthful of this magic brew.

We are able to provide villagers with support because we are constantly seeking conscientious folks, hopefully like you, to support The CAPULIN EEFORT.

Without client support, we wouldn't be able to do the socially appropriate things we do.

Someone else could come in and produce a quality coffee equal to CAPULIN, but no one could come in and produce a better coffee, nor would there be any reason to do so, behind the cup or in the cup without following the strictest of quality standards or the socially responsible distribution.

Natural coffee is a peaceful, social solution. If the propagandized consumers had a gram of Spirit left upstairs, they'd realize that you can't kill for peace, have sex for virginity, feed people for the same amount of money as not feeding them and you can't improve the 'status quo' of the environment or her inhabitants consuming washed coffee.

Bottom Line, wake up, smell the coffee and begin directing billions back into the hands of the hungry instead of the coffers of the pyramid of multi national corporations in control of the coffee industry!

Drink a 'natural' coffee, drink CAPULIN!

The CAPULIN Standard is to that a product to be carried into the Aquarian Age must be Good for The Producer, Farmer

What separates us as beings is the degree of Larceny in each of us.

In other words, the evil that dwells in the deepest reaches of our hearts and clings to darkness despite the prayers to be free from it. Perhaps the bright spot lies in the judgement where we will be judged by the prayers and the love with which we do it.