To those concerned with organic certification, using it as a means of determining if a product is natural and chemical free.

CAPULIN coffee is grown in the coastal mountains of Nayarit. Our coffee growing region is one of the few places left that has Naturally Occurring Indigenous Trees growing in the jungle.

This natural, chemical free environment, where the coffee trees are self-propagating, has no need of fertilizers or poisons as the jungle provides it's own ecological balance.

Coffee trees and their seeds in our region are like pine trees and pinecones in the Northwest. There is no need to break from the natural, chemical free, growing methods of antiquity.

While it is true, corporate encroachment and pressure upon the the small farmers to plant commercial crops which require chemical sprays and fertilizers is increasing; the best combatant is a strong market for natural jungle products.

This has been the focus of the CAPULIN EFFORT, to help bring attention to the existence and importance of preserving these environments.
The farmers of our region are amongst the poorest farmers, still struggling to hold on to their land base. While economically unfeasible to use chemicals where they aren't needed, it is equally unfeasible to pay the organic certifiers who are paid to say what they say.

Though a commercial, water-processed coffee may be 'Certified Organic', it is far more detrimental to the well being of the village people, the forests, the wild life inhabitants, and the consumers than these natural jungle, shade grown, 100% fully mature, traditionally dried, hand sorted, Arabica coffee cherries used by CAPULIN.

For these reasons we present, Shade Grown, Chemical and Toxic Spray Free, CAPULIN as 100% Natural Jungle Coffee!

The money that would be paid for certification to large corporation is paid to the people who really need it and who receive more than twice as much for their coffee as a part of the CAPULIN EFFORT!

Further, we encourage folks to come and visit and see for themselves, 'how and where' their coffee is produced, while there is still any 'NATURAL JUNGLE' left to see.

Then PLEASE, join us in the CAPULIN EFFORT

Yes! You can help do something about preserving the little natural environment we have to pass on to all of our relations. You can help create an opportunity for gainful employment for third world victims of economic exploitation and enjoy a wonderful, natural cup of coffee provided by hand crafting, 100% fully mature, Arabica coffee cherries at the same time.