1. · Continental ~ a light roast ~
    1. the original Fruit Wine flavor of coffee, a taste unavailable in commercially processed, floated, fermented and washed coffees.
  2. · Vienna ~ a medium roast ~
    1. providing ample Fruit Wine flavor, only slightly masked with a medium roasted flavor.
  3. · French ~ a dark roast ~
    1. almost completely covering the fruit flavor of CAPULIN, ‘but not quite.’
      It is slightly similar to the roasted taste that most coffee drinkers have become accustomed to, without the bitterness.
      *Do not be confused. Most coffee companies must use a dark roast in order to mask,'hide' the lack of the natural, sweet fruit sugars and flavor oils that have been lost in their washed coffee products.
  4. · Midday Magic ~ a roast as black as a raven, yet smooth as glass ~
    1. an incredible espresso or Turkish coffee, but still wonderfully smooth--for the folks that like the roasted flavor of coffee without the bitterness.
  5. · Mocha ~ our only flavored roast ~
    1. Organic cocoa oil, vanilla oil and coconut oil, basted on our light Continental roast ~ AN AWESOME Cocoa Flavor, but delicate!
      PLEASE Note: Due to dramatic increases in the associated costs of production and the oils used for Mocha, there is an additional charge of $1.00 per pound.

      CAPULIN’S Available Blends:
  6. · Peaceful Rainbow Blend ~
    1. combines our four basic roasts ~ plus one part of Mocha, all blended into one amazing package of delicious coffee.
      (For breakfast or dessert, there is no taste in the coffee industry to match it!)
  7. · Yin/Yang Breakfast Blend ~
    1. is an incredible balance of our light Continental and our dark French ~ a highly stimulating, low-acid way to start your day, balanced!
  8. · Middle-of-the-Roader's Blend ~
    1. a delightful 3-way mixture of our Dark French roast, Mellow Vienna roast, and Light Continental. (For those times you want it all!)
      CAPULIN'S Lightly Decaffeinated Coffee Offering
  9. · Green Free ~
    1. lightly decaffeinated in rain and spring water, for those that feel they must reduce their caffeine intake.
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